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Welcome to the Moe123 Scholarship Fund Website!

Welcome to Moe123 Scholarship Fund

2018 has been a year of tremendous pain and change for our family. As many of you know, our family lost a son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend, Mostafa "Moe" Sarim on January 23, 2018, tragically and unexpectedly, due to complications from the flu at the age of 41. As we began to navigate our world without our bright light and compass, we found comfort in holding each other close and paying attention to each of the signs that Mostafa has given us. There have been many.

Our new normal has been difficult, but our memories of Mostafa, specifically his love for learning and the effort he put into his education, have continued to bring us to a place of inspiration. And while there are plenty of days where we are blue, with your love and support and that inspiration, a light has returned.

To kick off a new school year of beginnings, challenges, inspiration, and hard work - the Moe123 Scholarship Fund Board is honored to welcome you to our new website.

Here, you'll be able to keep up with the latest Moe123 news through our blog, learn a bit more about us, get to know our scholarship recipients, and help us in our mission to elevate students in the pursuit of their education through your donations.

The support and love we have received along the way has been nothing short of incredible. Grab your backpacks and bring the momentum.

To Mostafa, to our students, to education, to fearless learning, and to the journey.

-Moe123 Scholarship Fund Board

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