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2019 Turbo Start: Now Accepting Donations

2019 is off to a turbo start following our very first Moe123 Scholarship Presentation! It's impossible not to feel the energy and momentum after meeting our scholarship recipients and learning about their hopes and dreams for the future. In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our winners. We know you'll be as blown away by their dedication and grit as we were and still are.

You're an essential part of our mission. We were able to change the lives of five students in January because of your support.

The role you played may seem small, but you can see it everywhere - and not just in the amount we raised with your help. You can hear it in the students' excitement, their parent's pride, and it resonates in each and every goal these students shared. They are off to do big things. We are honored and humbled to have seen a glimpse of that greatness.

We are now accepting donations in 2019 for our January 2020 Moe123 Scholarship Presentation. Visit our home page and consider us in your planned giving today and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions about how to get involved.

Are you ready to change lives? Let's get to work.

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