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Meet Our Scholars: Jeliah Ogega

On this #Moe123 Monday, we are seizing the day and lifting the stories of our scholars so you can begin your week as inspired as we are. Today, we introduce you to our second Moe123 scholarship recipient, Jeliah Ogega.

A senior at Park Center Senior High School, Jeliah is president of Park Center's National Honor Society chapter and volunteers with Brooklyn Park Interact Club, a group that is comprised of and run by students to serve in the community.

Jeliah plans to pursue nursing administration and communications and is driven to become a neonatal or pediatric nurse practitioner in the future.

Jeliah Ogega believes that challenging herself is the way to success and that’s exactly what she’s done throughout her high school journey to prepare for college. She’s challenged herself academically by taking High Performance (HP), Advanced Placement (AP), and Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) classes as well as serving as president of National Honor Society (NHS) and Brooklyn Park Interact Club, a group that is composed of and run by students to serve in the community. While Jeliah describes her nature as timid, she made it a point to step outside of her comfort zone and participate in leadership positions. Inspired by her mom’s advice of “do things when it’s your time,” Jeliah is eager to give back to other aspiring students via mentorship and networking to help them grow socially and mentally just like she has. In the future, Jeliah dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner and being able to take care of underrepresented populations like the people she met in Xecam, Guatemala on a student trip during her sophomore year.

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