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Meet Our Scholars: Jireh Babalola

It's #Moe123Monday!

Throughout the past few weeks, we've been introducing you to our inaugural Moe123 Scholarship recipients. It has been such an honor and privilege to share their stories. As we've said so many times before, their stories are comprised of not only academic ambition and dedication, but of personal determination and grit.

Today, we introduce you to Jireh Babalola. Jireh encountered struggles after she moved to the United States from Nigeria. In the midst of of it all, she poured herself into her studies and enrolled in Park Center's International Baccalaureate (IB) program that she will graduate from this year. In addition to her numerous volunteer experiences and extracurriculars, she started WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) to spark interest and encourage more females to enter the engineering industry.

Jireh views the world with a positive lens and encourages everyone to take a chance and just try. She plans to harness her passion to study mechanical engineering as she enters college.

Jireh Babalola’s life took a different direction after her family relocated to the United States from Nigeria to escape Boko Haram and terrorism spreading across the region. While Jireh struggled to adjust to her new life in the US, she poured her attention into her studies and recognized the significance of the opportunities she had. “Moving and adjusting to American culture was a real struggle, but in every struggle, there is always a blessing and a lesson,” she explained to us. Her accomplishments include taking the full International Baccalaureate (IB) program through her junior and senior years of high school, participating in track and field and receiving numerous awards by competing in conference and state-level meets, playing soccer and earning season MVP, as well as joining clubs like Senior Class Cabinet, the We-Act volunteering group, Student Advisory Committee, College Possible, and started WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) to inspire more females to study and enter the engineering industry. Jireh will pursue her bachelor’s in engineering and hopes to give back to students by encouraging them to pursue their education past high school.

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