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We're Three Weeks Away!

Moe123 was officially launched in May 2018 with a birthday picnic celebrating Moe123 and the birthday of its namesake, Mostafa Sarim.

Your #Moe123Monday is a memo this week!

We're under three weeks away from our 2nd Annual Moe123 Community Picnic - open to everyone in the community to celebrate the anniversary of Moe123's launch and our brother Mostafa's birthday.

A year ago we began accepting donations and were looking forward to helping provide ANY assistance to students in our community. What unfolded in the months after our launch was nothing short of incredible. You - our friends, family, and community - came together to support Moe123, which showed your unwavering support of students who want to make a difference in the world. What an honor!

We're just getting started and we're accepting donations to make a difference in the lives of our next Moe123 Scholars.

So, what can you do right now?

RSVP to our picnic as soon as possible! Three weeks sounds like a long time from now, but anyone who has planned or volunteered for an event knows that it's coming up quickly. We would love your RSVP so we can keep our picnic planning going full steam ahead! RSVP via our Facebook event or by email at

Questions? Just let us know. Can't make it but want to know how you can contribute? Get started here!

Thank you for supporting Moe123, our mission, and most importantly, the amazing students we aim to serve.

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