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Catching Up with Envy Agbonkhese

It's the end of July and by now, you've surely seen "Back to School" displays beaming in stores and students teeming with energy and excitement of a new school year -- or maybe trying not to pay attention as they savor the final weeks of summer!

We wanted to take the opportunity to catch up with our 2019 Moe123 Scholars as they get ready for their next chapter: their freshman year of college. It's a big deal and often means a big change. This week, hear from Envy Agbonkhese about what she's been up to this summer to get ready and what she's looking forward to most when she heads to St. Cloud State University this fall!

Q: What has been the most enjoyable part of your summer?

A: Spending time with family and relaxing from a lot of homework.

Q: In what ways have you prepared this summer for your first year of college?

A: I am getting all of my appliances for my dorm ready and I looked at what types of books are required. I also keep in touch with the financial aid services and other services.

Q: What part of your first year of college are you looking forward to most?

A: Meeting new people, creating a routine, and finding a passion in something.

Q: Have any parts of the college preparation process made you nervous? How have you worked through that?

A: I am nervous about how I will financially be stable and what to spend my money on. I will work with my financial aid officers and talk to my parents to solve this.

Q: When do you begin school?

A: August 22.

We're wishing Envy and all of our Moe123 Scholars the best of luck as they take August to finalize all of the details for their freshman year! Check back soon to hear from our entire group and join us in wishing all students an excellent August.

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