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We're One Week Away!

We're just one week away from the 2nd Annual Moe123 Scholarship Awards!

Last week, Moe123 had the opportunity to meet each of this year's Moe123 Scholars in person. It's truly a highlight of the Moe123 year and for good reason. It takes a lot of work year-round to make our Moe123 scholarships possible. There is outreach, awareness campaigns, fundraising, community events, social media, blog posts, and plenty more action behind the scenes that doesn't make it to light - all to make sure that we can continue to support our community's students in the Osseo 279 School District. All of that work, while plentiful and constant, is worth it when we read each application and essay and meet the students whose journeys we will impact.

Meeting the students on Friday was a big part of that moment for us, and while we won't be revealing our winners until our awards ceremony, we can tell you that they are amazing students and even better humans who are dedicated to making an impact greater than themselves. We are so proud to have the chance to be a part of the stories they are writing and know you will be, too.

This time of year is difficult for our family and brings with it memories of bittersweet joy. Mostafa impacted our lives and the lives of so many others in ways that we carry with us and through giving back, we see his legacy continuing on as vibrant as ever. That brings us hope. For that, we thank you for your support and look forward to celebrating together on January 23.

If you haven't RSVP'd already, there is still time! Click here to reserve your spot.

With love and gratitude,


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